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Sexual Congress

The current Wrongress has reached a new low with its inability to resolve the debt ceiling crisis. In truth I didn’t even know we had a debt ceiling. Since it has been raised 10 times since 2001, it proves it really doesn’t exist. The reality is that Wrongress always decides to raise the debt ceiling in order to pay for what they already spent. And that has been going on since it was created in 1939.

What this actually proves is that Wrongress is a Republican versus Democrat competition. It really has little relevance to us ordinary citizens. Democrats vote with Democrats and Republicans vote with Republicans. Period. I would argue that with a growing Independent constituency the Congress is becoming more out of touch every year.

But I digress. The one area that (male) members of Wrongress are productive is sexual scandals. Whether it be harassment of staff or pages, extra-marital affairs, dallying with prostitutes; our elected officials have proven they can dance with the devil as well as any of us common citizens who voted them in.

Their sexual escapades are far more entertaining than their inability to get any legislation passed. Thankfully somebody is keeping score. Here The Frisky has drilled down and listed some sex scandals by party.  Then the author assigned a number based on the degree of sleaze.  Thus a scandal involving a minor got a ten, while sexting got a three.  Her analysis gave Democrats the nod in terms of degree of sleaze.

A more in-depth 2010 survey by The Daily Beast took a look back 20 years and ranked 61 scandals by degree of sleaze also.  Their findings included the notion that the scandals are increasing in frequency.  My sense is that there is a direct relationship between lack of productivity in Wrongress and sexual scandals.  The more time you spend fornicating the less time for legislating.  Again Democrats win in terms of “quality” of scandal, while the Republicans had more scandals.  By the way, both surveys go beyond Wrongress.  Such stalwarts as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mark Sanford were included.  I’m guessing they won’t be running for Wrongress anytime soon.

So, while these dopes posture and pontificate about the debt ceiling and our future, they continue to prove they can’t get anything useful done.  And while time runs out they seem to find plenty of time to prove they are adept at sexual congress.  I guess when you spend so much time trying to help us Americans through these tough economic times you need some sexual healing from the wounds of debate.