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Great American # 63: The Afterparty Candidate

Have you read about Steve Berke?  He’s the guy getting a lot of national attention as The Afterparty candidate for mayor of Miami Beach.  Just go to YouTube and type in his name to see his campaign platform.  If doing all that seems way beyond your skill or interest level, just take a look at this video from his campaign.  Ironically his opponent is a 75-year-old grandmother running on family values.

Mr. Berke’s values seem to reflect different families and different values than those of his opponent.  But, as always, I do try to bring you the best in political advertising.  Enjoy.

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Great American #83

The great Republican from New York, Christopher Lee, has resigned from Congress after sharing his man boobs with whomever wanted to see them on CraigsList.  Of course, they have now gone viral and have been seen by millions.  No question he will soon be hosting his own show on Fox, right after his stint on Dancing With The Stars.

Great American # 72

The political campaigns are heating up as election day nears.   The creativity is going in a different direction…not necessarily better but you gotta love a guy who doesn’t take himself or politics too seriously.  I mean he’s not serious, right?  Meet Dan Freilich running for the Senate in Vermont.  

Great American #137: WTF?

As the political season moves into the fall campaigns more and more money is being spent on great advertising like this gem from John Dennis.  He believes in the constitution. Check.  He doesn’t want debt. Check.  Good to have these tried and true homilies with no specifics.  Oh wait, he wants to beat Nancy Pelosi.  Certainly spent some money on production but really needed to have an idea.  Bizarre.

Great American #67

As hard to believe as it may seem, this guy did not win.  Although given his amazing credentials and colossal passion it is surprising he didn’t at least get to the finals.  Maybe it was the saliva he sprayed all over the nine people in the audience.  It certainly couldn’t have been how well he knew his material.  Good to see that our political system still works.

It’s Still a Wonderful Country

Another rock solid political ad from the great state of Alabama.  Shout out to Ann Marie Ricard for sending it along.   I thought Tim James (April 27th post) had set the bar pretty high, but Dale Peterson proves that we can all do better when it comes to political campaigning.   Dale’s eloquent, passionate and tough-minded talk about his cheater opponent and how important agriculture is to Alabama brought me to tears and to my knees.  Let it rip, Dale.

And you gotta love the gun.  I still don’t understand why we don’t just let Alabama secede.