Great American #37: The Donkey Whisperer

It’s time to start posting videos from around the country as we gear up for the political campaign season.   There will be gzillions spent on a lot of crappy and tasteless advertising.   And the pontificating and self-righteousness will be loud and it will be relentless.  Hang on folks.   Thanks to Ron Elgin for finding this gem.

Roger Williams is another conservative with the usual rhetoric about small government, lower taxes, anti-choice and loves guns.   He also wants to stop illegal immigration but offers no solutions except make English the national language.   Huh?  He should make a fine addition to Wrongress.  But, damn it, I actually like his commercial.

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Sunday Morning

A little Johnny and Kris to start your day.


The school board will have a special session next Thursday, October 6th to decide on the new member.  There are six candidates, including me.  The interview seemed to go well and I was impressed with the collegiality of the group.   These days too many school boards seem dysfunctional and divisive.  This group seems to really like each other and most important have a district that performs well above state scores across all metrics.

I would love to be a part of this but, of course, so would five other people.  I’m on pins and needles.

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Today Is The Day

Today I am being interviewed by the Mukilteo School Board.  I am one of six candidates to fill an opening on the board due to a board member resignation.   This is an appointive position to complete the term for the next two years.

I have always been interested in public education and public education reform.  Now I have a chance to be a part of the system and help a great district get even better.  Our two boys have gone through this system and they are both better for it.  It’s my turn to give back.  And these days with budget cutbacks everywhere it will be challenging to keep providing a quality education while dealing with fewer resources.

I’m nervous as this is my first (job) interview in at least 30 years.  Shoes are shined.  Shirt ironed.  I’ve read the board meeting notes going back 12 months.  I have brushed my teeth and removed the nose and ear hairs.

Here we go.

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Weekend Shallow: Fall Into Summer

Wow.  It’s gonna be 80 degrees today on September 24th.  Go jump in a lake.

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Do As I Say…

South Korea: Our 51st state

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Sweat Dreams: Be Fit and Smoke

I just read that I’m a fitness regular which means I exercise several times a month.  For my age group (old) I’m one of the 29% considered to be a Fitness Regular. I usually go to the gym every other day and recover in the hot tub on my off days.   My 17-year-old son works out every day.  I think that makes him a Fitness Superstar.  You can find the blurb here.  Is it really a surprise that fitness leads to good health?  That said, I wonder about the people I see on a regular basis at the gym who remain fat.  There are some peeps who look like they’ve gained weight, and I don’t mean muscle.  And then there’s the guy I see smoking after he works out.  I guess the exercise gives him better lung capacity.

Which are you?

So, what’s the lesson here?  I think it simply means that people exercise for different reasons.   Certainly good health is one of them.   Then there are people who do it for vanity; they just want to look good.  They work out in front of a mirror. And there are the reward people.   I know one person who runs and says that each mile means he can have a beer.   I think he puts in at least ten miles a week so he is having plenty of beer to reward himself.   And I guess the guy who is working out and smoking figures the more he exercises the more he can smoke.  He is a fitness flub no matter how much he works out.

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