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Weekend Shallow: Fall Into Summer

Wow.  It’s gonna be 80 degrees today on September 24th.  Go jump in a lake.

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Do As I Say…

South Korea: Our 51st state

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Saturday Shallow

As you will see from these two videos, there is a long tradition of knife throwing as a key part of parenting.  I used to worry that one of my sons would be forever scarred if I spanked them.  This would have been so much better.

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Go outside, it’s a beautiful day.

We Need More Dogs

I’m not sure what the hell this football coach is talking about.  But I’m so pysched I went outside and benchpressed my car.

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Today I Will Be Here

Sweat Dreams: Oh, My Beating Heart

Today I really wanted to get my heart rate up.  For awhile I was crusing along at around 115-118 beats per minutes.  Then this came on my iPod and my heart beat rose to 135.  Ah, that R&B steady backbeat.

My four miles ended with me hoping that my wife will sing this song to me when I come home.  Maybe after I take a shower and lose a few more pounds.  Cool song and singer.