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Great American # 63: The Afterparty Candidate

Have you read about Steve Berke?  He’s the guy getting a lot of national attention as The Afterparty candidate for mayor of Miami Beach.  Just go to YouTube and type in his name to see his campaign platform.  If doing all that seems way beyond your skill or interest level, just take a look at this video from his campaign.  Ironically his opponent is a 75-year-old grandmother running on family values.

Mr. Berke’s values seem to reflect different families and different values than those of his opponent.  But, as always, I do try to bring you the best in political advertising.  Enjoy.

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Great American # 91: Ed Lee is 2 Legit To Quit

I love this commercial for Ed Lee, running for mayor of San Francisco.  Not only does it have a bunch of Silicon Valley big shots but it has some cool rappers like Will i Am and M.C. Hammer…well mostly cool.   Best of all is Brian Wilson, the bearded dude from the San Francisco Giants.  Watch him riff on famous Lee’s like Sara Lee, Bruce Lee and Tommy Lee.  Clearly Ed Lee belongs in this pantheon of great Lee’s.

Political advertising doesn’t get any better than this.

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Great American # 179: A Smokin’ Great Candidate

Just when you thought there might be no good Republican candidates, Herman Cain arrived.   With his 999 message and great sound bites like:  “If Obamacare had been fully implemented when I caught cancer, I’d be dead.”  Not to put too fine a point on it, but does one catch  cancer?

Anyway, I suspect many of you are torn between all the great Republican choices that seem to have their own TV show.  The debates are on every week and there is more action than the UFC fights, more comedy than the Comedy Channel and more drama than Lost.

Each week a different candidate rises to the top of the polls.  But now with this commercial by Herman Cain’s campaign manager I think The Hermanator will separate from the pack.  Nothing quite like a campaign manager endorsing his candidate.  And then ending the spot with a cigarette.  I guess he couldn’t wait until the 60 seconds were over.

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Great American #37: The Donkey Whisperer

It’s time to start posting videos from around the country as we gear up for the political campaign season.   There will be gzillions spent on a lot of crappy and tasteless advertising.   And the pontificating and self-righteousness will be loud and it will be relentless.  Hang on folks.   Thanks to Ron Elgin for finding this gem.

Roger Williams is another conservative with the usual rhetoric about small government, lower taxes, anti-choice and loves guns.   He also wants to stop illegal immigration but offers no solutions except make English the national language.   Huh?  He should make a fine addition to Wrongress.  But, damn it, I actually like his commercial.

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Sexual Congress

The current Wrongress has reached a new low with its inability to resolve the debt ceiling crisis. In truth I didn’t even know we had a debt ceiling. Since it has been raised 10 times since 2001, it proves it really doesn’t exist. The reality is that Wrongress always decides to raise the debt ceiling in order to pay for what they already spent. And that has been going on since it was created in 1939.

What this actually proves is that Wrongress is a Republican versus Democrat competition. It really has little relevance to us ordinary citizens. Democrats vote with Democrats and Republicans vote with Republicans. Period. I would argue that with a growing Independent constituency the Congress is becoming more out of touch every year.

But I digress. The one area that (male) members of Wrongress are productive is sexual scandals. Whether it be harassment of staff or pages, extra-marital affairs, dallying with prostitutes; our elected officials have proven they can dance with the devil as well as any of us common citizens who voted them in.

Their sexual escapades are far more entertaining than their inability to get any legislation passed. Thankfully somebody is keeping score. Here The Frisky has drilled down and listed some sex scandals by party.  Then the author assigned a number based on the degree of sleaze.  Thus a scandal involving a minor got a ten, while sexting got a three.  Her analysis gave Democrats the nod in terms of degree of sleaze.

A more in-depth 2010 survey by The Daily Beast took a look back 20 years and ranked 61 scandals by degree of sleaze also.  Their findings included the notion that the scandals are increasing in frequency.  My sense is that there is a direct relationship between lack of productivity in Wrongress and sexual scandals.  The more time you spend fornicating the less time for legislating.  Again Democrats win in terms of “quality” of scandal, while the Republicans had more scandals.  By the way, both surveys go beyond Wrongress.  Such stalwarts as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mark Sanford were included.  I’m guessing they won’t be running for Wrongress anytime soon.

So, while these dopes posture and pontificate about the debt ceiling and our future, they continue to prove they can’t get anything useful done.  And while time runs out they seem to find plenty of time to prove they are adept at sexual congress.  I guess when you spend so much time trying to help us Americans through these tough economic times you need some sexual healing from the wounds of debate.

Barack and Seth Rock The House

The Daily Beast selected the best bits from Saturday’s Correspondents’ Dinner.  The Prez and Seth Myers both took some well-deserved shots at the Donald. And Trump proved he can dish it but he can’t take it. 

9 Best Moments From the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

Great American #83

The great Republican from New York, Christopher Lee, has resigned from Congress after sharing his man boobs with whomever wanted to see them on CraigsList.  Of course, they have now gone viral and have been seen by millions.  No question he will soon be hosting his own show on Fox, right after his stint on Dancing With The Stars.