Sweat Dreams: Be Fit and Smoke

I just read that I’m a fitness regular which means I exercise several times a month.  For my age group (old) I’m one of the 29% considered to be a Fitness Regular. I usually go to the gym every other day and recover in the hot tub on my off days.   My 17-year-old son works out every day.  I think that makes him a Fitness Superstar.  You can find the blurb here.  Is it really a surprise that fitness leads to good health?  That said, I wonder about the people I see on a regular basis at the gym who remain fat.  There are some peeps who look like they’ve gained weight, and I don’t mean muscle.  And then there’s the guy I see smoking after he works out.  I guess the exercise gives him better lung capacity.

Which are you?

So, what’s the lesson here?  I think it simply means that people exercise for different reasons.   Certainly good health is one of them.   Then there are people who do it for vanity; they just want to look good.  They work out in front of a mirror. And there are the reward people.   I know one person who runs and says that each mile means he can have a beer.   I think he puts in at least ten miles a week so he is having plenty of beer to reward himself.   And I guess the guy who is working out and smoking figures the more he exercises the more he can smoke.  He is a fitness flub no matter how much he works out.

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