Where Was I?

I took August off from just about everything digital.  No blog.  Two FB posts. No smart phone.  Modest emailing.   And I’m just fine.  No withdrawals and I managed to stay in touch with people I care about.

During my digital blackout,  our son Nick appeared in a movie short: Home Run Dinner as Gale Florence, the sleazy boss and Tom wrote and recorded his first song:  Still Hurts.  Both boys are genuinely talented and even better people.   They get all of that from their Mom.

Song of the Day

I just read that as we age we lose interest in music.   For me, and probably because of my sons, the opposite is true.   I am listening to more music now than I ever did.  So (drum roll) this debuts the Song of the Day (SOD).  My only criteria is that I like it…so simple.  Enjoy.


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