Gonna Get Me Some Hot Pants

At last, the perfect apparel for weight loss.  Some genius figured out that rather than all that running and jumping and squatting and sitting up and Pilates and Yoga we can just wear these Sauna Pants.  Here is the amazingly seductive sell copy:

Focus the heat on your trouble spots!

Enjoy the benefits of traditional
heat sauna from the comfort of your own home. In just minutes, it will make you
sweat in the areas you need it most–the abdomen, waist, back and hips!
wrap on the pants and lay down for an easy sauna treatment.

adjustable temperature control and Velcro waist and legs. Fits waists from 28″
to 54″. UL listed.

Who would not run out, er, click through to buy these practical and cool looking pants.  Or are they shorts?  Whatever.  I mean for $39.98 how can you go wrong?  Not only will they help you take care of those “trouble areas” you will look way cool at the club.  Women and men will envy you as you strut through the gym in your bitchin’ Sauna Pants and won’t even care if they help lose weight.  They just look so cool you gotta have a pair.  Maybe two pair…one for the gym and one for the night out. We’ve all heard the saying;  “Have a party in your pants.”   Well now you can have the perfect party pants.  By the way, note the perfect placement of the thermostat (I think that’s what it is.)  I can hear it now:  “Is that a thermostat on your pants or are you just happy to see me?”   Yeah baby, Rock Those Sauna Pants!


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