Jury Duty: I’ve Been Summoned

Here we go with another post-ISC experience:  Jury Duty.  I have been called twice before but never selected.  Maybe this time I will actually get on a jury and decide someone’s fate. 

It’s interesting that while I was working at the inter-galactic agency many of my peers were diligent about getting out of jury duty.  They felt that the need to knock out a couple of contact reports and write an ad was way more important than sitting on a jury.  They figured out ways to let the courts know that their work was indispensable and bragged about it.

But I digress.  I can hardly wait.  The following is a chronology of my recent jury experience.  I was forbidden to write about it until it was over.  It is and this is what happened.

Day One:    I receive my summons in the mail.  It instructs me to go online and fill in demographic data.  It arrives with my jury badge which I need to bring to the courthouse.  I need to call in and find out if I’m going to be in the pool of possible jurors.

I call the number and a recorded message tells me I have to be at the Snohomish County courthouse Monday morning.  The instructions say I should bring water, something to read and wear casual, comfortable and “appropriate” clothes.  I guess I need to leave the tank top at home.  I wonder if I can wear jeans.   I watch a bunch of Law and Order re-runs to see what the jury is wearing and they all seem to wear sweaters.  I also took a peek at To Kill A Mockingbird and noted that the jury was all men and they were really sweaty.  I think I will go “business casual”.  Back in the day that meant khakis and a sport shirt.  I dig the khakis out from way in the back of the closet.  They are only moderately wrinkled so I’m good to go.

I set the alarm and doze off with visions of 12 Angry Men rolling through my brain.

Tomorrow:  Will I get picked?