Sweat Dreams: The Well-Dressed Man

The other day a gentleman approached the treadmill wearing what I can only describe as NotDryFitOfficeWear or NDFOW apparel.  He was a well-groomed man of about 50 years including no visible ear or nose hairs and a moderate brush cut with salt and pepper hair.  He looked quite distinguished.

He wore a comfortable button-down checked sport shirt…long sleeved and buttoned at the wrist.  Over that he had a beautiful wool/cashmere blend sweater vest.  Oops.  Haven’t seem a lot of those lately.  And a very nice pair of dark gaberdine slacks with a slight break just over his shoes. 

And he topped (bottomed?) that off with a sensible pair of walking shoes with dark socks so there was no break in color from top to bottom.  He calmly set the walking speed at 1 mph and strolled away for about 45 minutes.

I’m pretty sure he didn’t break a sweat.  I sure did … not because of my workout (down 23 pounds folks! from my previous portly look) …but because I was so under-dressed.  Tomorrow I will wear a suit and tie on the t-mill.


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