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During my Incredibly Successful Career (ISC) at the inter-galactic agencies, I was involved in a lot of branding.  I was one of the people (it was always a big team) who helped clients figure out their brand personality/image/tone/footprint/architecture/position/strategy/voice/blah for a lot of money.  I loved it.  We were always able to find some unique insight about their business that they couldn’t figure out…even though they had worked there for several years.

Usually at the end of the process we did ads, pr, direct mail, digital stuff to let the world (uh, I mean their target audience) know about this cool newly re-positioned brand.  Sometimes we even got them to sponsor stuff, including events and venues.  (Ex. Quest Field, Key Arena and how about WaMu Theater…I mean, can you still sponsor something when you don’t exist?)

I remember once asking the head of marketing at Safeco, how they gauges success from the millions they spent on having their name on a baseball stadium.  She said, “The first year we monitored every mention and picture throughout the U.S. and after a few months we were well into the millions so we knew it was a (drum roll) home run.  Then I asked her how much incremental revenue they attributed to the naming and she didn’t know.  Hmm.  Apparently the WaMu Theater naming rights didn’t help much either.

Anyway the point of all this is that branding is an inexact science replete with as many failures as successes.  It happens.  I think Morgan Spurlock (Supersize Me) provides a unique perspective on the world of branding.  His TED presentation is illuminating, entertaining and fascinating.  It will make you want to see the documentary that he is promoting:  The Greatest Movie Ever Sold.  Thanks to Craig Heisner for finding this gem.  By the way, I’m selling the naming rights to my blog to the highest bidder.


3 responses to this post.

  1. I start the bidding at 1.00 (USD)


  2. Since there was only 1 response to this post, and thus 1 bid, let me know when I can rename your Blog.


  3. Wow, you are certainly a devoted reader…of this post. I’m holding out for a lot more…probably at least $10


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