Sweat Dreams: Asleep at the Cybex

It’s been awhile since I wrote about my amazing commitment to drop some pounds and get healthy.   I’m still going to the “Y” four or five times a week and have dropped 20 pounds.  I would characterize my fitness level as moderately doughy.  While I don’t have the abs of The Situation I can see my toes without bending over.  And I’m wearing clothes I forgot I had that actually make me look pretty dated.  I mean does anybody even own a Members Only jacket anymore? (Actually I’m pretty sure The Situation does.)

But I digress.   In recent weeks it seems every time I want to use the back stretching torture chair, there is a gentleman asleep in it.   So I made a point of looking for him and watching him use the machine.  For those of you who don’t know, this particular piece of equipment is like a rocking chair with resistance.  You put your feet under a bar so they won’t move and then rock back and forth with varying amounts of resistance…thus stretching your back muscles. 

Well, the gentleman I watched starts out at about 20 pounds and gently rocks back and forth.  As the seconds go by he slows down.  Pretty soon he stops and there he is with eyes closed happily asleep.  Sometimes he awakens and starts moving again but always slows until he is asleep at the Cybex.

 I’m thinking about putting an alarm clock next to him so I can use the machine and get some sleep after my next workout.


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  1. Posted by Craig on March 10, 2011 at 10:40 am

    That’s a first, wow. I work out at the Y next to a guy who is 101. He’s there every time I go at lunch and we’re usually the only 2 in the “free weight” ring. I’m afraid he’s going to go to sleep on my watch for good.


  2. This guy is probably in his 80’s and is usually on the device for about 45 minutes. Doesn’t do anything else. Just comes in, takes a nap and leaves. The Y is fun because you get all types and not the “pretty people” with the $1,000, dry-clean only sweats. You get people wearing jeans, clogs, button-down sports shirts and even work boots. And noon is my time too…


  3. Posted by Tim Doke on March 10, 2011 at 12:01 pm

    Jan – I admire your commitment to getting fit. I have the desire. I know the benefits. I just can’t get started after doing nothing for so many years. What’s the secret to getting started? I know if I get back at it I’ll be hooked and continue, but I need something to start my engines. Are you doing morning or evening workouts…just curious?


  4. No one thing Tim. I was getting fatter further into my first year of retirement. Then we went to Hawaii over the New Year and I looked and felt like a whale. We’re going to Cabo in a couple of weeks and I used that as a goal. Over the years I’ve gained and lost hundreds of pounds but never worked out. This year I resolved to do it. I just do the fast walk on the treadmill for an hour and every time I do the fitness equipment…15 reps on each. I think each person’s tipping poing is different. For me it was finally being disgusted at how I look.


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