John Edwards is Back!

For the three of you who have been wondering what happened to John Edwards, I have it on good authority he will be replacing Charlie Sheen on Two and A Half Men (TAAHM).  “I’m thrilled with this opportunity to start a new career,”  said Edwards in an exclusive interview with me.  “Since my wife didn’t leave me anything in her will I need to work and Rielle thinks I would be perfect for the role that Charlie f**ked up.  I couldn’t agree more.  I think my patina of integrity and doing what’s right that has obscured my sleazy side is the perfect combination to evolve the role on TAAHM.  Charlie took it as far as he could but lacked the angelic facade that can really add substance to the role. ”

Apparently Edwards is in negotiations with CBS to resolve timing issues as he is also committed to the next Dancing With The Stars.  “The fact that I could be in two of America’s most beloved television franchises in one year speaks volumes about how this country can forgive and give me a second chance.  Rielle and I are thrilled.”


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