Charlie Sheen is Brilliant

If you ever needed a primer on how to create and sustain personal publicity you need look no further than Charlie Sheen.  He has single-handedly (along with his entourage of sycophants, handlers, roommates and drinking/drugs buddies) managed to capture the attention of virtually every news outlet in the country. And they are clearly hanging on his every word.

A guy like Charlie is like heroin for the press.  I mean, they had to be tired of covering the latest uprising in the Middle East or the Wisconsin union uproar.  Issues like freedom and worker’s rights get too complicated and messy.   (“Moamar Falafa says:  Libya rocks and everybody loves me.” or “I love my union because I never have to talk to my boss about my performance or money.”)

Union struggles and freedom wars are a dime a dozen.  We can only take so much and then its tune-out time.  Thank God for Charlie Sheen.  His eloquence and spot-on descriptions of himself are what we really need.  He keeps it simple and demands no thought from any of us.  Thank you news media for giving him the attention he deserves and moving that other “news” to the back burner.

For those of you who need a daily dose of Charlie and his profound wisdom this site should more than satisfy.  And if you want to compare the rants of Moamar Falafa to Charlie then go here.


3 responses to this post.

  1. It is truly sad that Media (and the audiences) take on MENTAL ILLNESS only as a from of entertainment. If the Media refused to indulge the manic episodic behavior instead of feeding it. And his family would orchestrate a clinical intervention procedure, perhaps Charlie Sheen would not be self-destructing, as a yet the latest from of reality show voyeurism.


  2. OOOOPs…my bad proof reading…..change from to form and all will be good!


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