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Loyal to Oil

Been off the grid for a while having a LOT of computer problems.  During my hiatus the Middle East has exploded.  It seems there is a limit to how much repression people can take.  Tunisia and Egypt have “interim” army forces in charge until there are elections.  Other countries are in varying degrees of expressing their outrage.

As I’ve watched this unfold I was reminded of something I read years ago:  The U.S. will support dictators and kings as long as they can get oil.  Thus over many decades the Arab world has been mostly run by despots, tyrants and dictators who have exercised ruthless control over freedoms that we take for granted.  The countries are characterized by poor health, lousy economies, worse education, high unemployment and very few civil liberties. For the most part, the oil revenues line the pockets of those who repress the majority.

It’s a choice our country has made over many administrations…we are loyal to oil.  As the people of these countries wage their fight for survival it will be interesting to see where our loyalties lie.  So far we have made the obligatory speeches about “we detest killing people”, “citizens should be allowed their freedom” but haven’t really done much else.  And that pattern has been repeated many times in the past when the occasional uprising has occurred.  We really don’t like all the killing and the dictatorships; but we want our oil even more.  When push has come to shove we have opted to support repressive regimes in order to keep the oil flowing. 

Let’s hope this time is different.


Great American #83

The great Republican from New York, Christopher Lee, has resigned from Congress after sharing his man boobs with whomever wanted to see them on CraigsList.  Of course, they have now gone viral and have been seen by millions.  No question he will soon be hosting his own show on Fox, right after his stint on Dancing With The Stars.

Weekend Shallow

It’s Saturday.  It’s raining.  I never get tired of this video.  It makes me smile.

Lame Names

The other day I was in a DollarTree store looking for cheap picture frames.  As I wandered among the Mardi Gras party stuff, plastic dishware, foam toys, air fresheners, vases, candle holders and other mobile home furnishings, I had an epiphany.  Very few items are a dollar or less. 

If you want to buy a case of say, plastic wine glasses,  you get 48 of them for $48 or $1 apiece.  If you want to buy one it’s $1.29.  Or if you want a bottle of dish washing soap it will cost you $1.49.  It is a dollar if you buy a case of 24.  You get the idea.   Stuff in the dollar store is more than a dollar, unless you buy a ten-year supply.  A more fitting name might be DollarPlus store or Hardly Ever A Dollar.

It made me wonder about other mis-named companies.  Here are a few I thought of and I’d love to hear yours.  By the way, car manufacturers are the clear champions of bad names. 

  • 7-11:  Should be 24-7 or Always Open or NeverClose
  • Hummer:  This was never a car when I was coming of age
  • Probe:  Maybe good for a colonoscopy but a lousy car name
  • Motel 6:  Rooms were $6 a night for about five minutes
  • Tiguan:  VW contest:  Pronounce it right and it’s free
  • MTV:  Let’s be honest, they quit doing music 20 years ago
  • I Has Cheezburger:  WTF?  Not a fast food company
  • Xfinity:  Name change right along with increase in down time
  • Golf:  VW has dopes naming cars
  • Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse:  Couldn’t they have done RPS to have one name?