Sweat Dreams: ’80s Lady

There I was huffing and puffing on the treadmill at a robust 3.9 mph.  Actually I put it up to 4.0 mph for the last five minutes.  Average heart rate is 125 and I’d completed about four miles when through the sweaty and salty mist I see a vision from the 1980s. 

There in front of me is a young woman sporting an all-pink velour sweat suit jogging at a pretty decent pace.  Visions of Olivia Newton John doing Let’s Get Physical went through my head.  Then she paused and had some water and I noticed that the sweatshirt was off one shoulder ala Flashdance.  Here was this 20-something woman channeling the early 80s, which in my mind was a lost decade of hair bands, disco and some pretty lame music. 

Then I noticed that along the back of her sweatpants was the label  Juicy Couture.  I’m not even sure what Couture is but I suspect adding “Juicy” probably makes the brand more appealing to a broader demographic segment.  (Just a small shout out to you branding geeks.)  I’m not sure what this means but I do know that I spent a fair amount of time playing music from the ’80s for the next few days.  Take a look at this video and see how many tunes you can name.

A 1980’s music sampler


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