An Imperfect 10

I’m a sucker for Top Ten lists, like these in Time magazine.  They have every conceivable Top Ten from politics to sports to entertainment.  I was especially happy to see they have a Top Ten Reality TV Moment list.  I mean is there anything more defining that reality tv as an expression of our first decade of the new millennium?  In 2000 there were four reality tv shows.  Now there are over 400.  Yeah baby!  And whoever wrote the piece says that Simon Cowell leaving American Idol was the #1 moment.  No kidding…was there any other reason to watch?  Did anybody care what Randy or Paula had to say?   AI will be done after this year.

And this was only #3 in their list of Top Ten political spots.  It was my favorite:

Just to add a serious note, take a look at these two charts I grabbed from the folks at Time via Chart Porn.  These give you a snapshot of some key economic indicators of the last ten years.  Gold anyone?

2000 - 2010

And this chart gives you a few examples of how much more digital we’ve become since 2000. 

More Facts and Figures


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