A Quick Visit to Crazytown

Ok, the mid-term elections are done…sort of.  We still have a few hanging chads out there and undecided races that I hope are not decided by the Supreme Court.   I really have no idea what any of the candidates’ ideas or postions were.   But I can tell you that they all felt their opponents were worthless pieces of sh*t.   So America really didn’t vote FOR anyone.  They voted AGAINST people.   Are you feeling me Thomas Jefferson?

So, in the interest of cleasing myself from the election experience I want you to feel the love and paranoia from the Quaids.  Randy and Evi are now in Canada safe from the star whackers and planning a run for office in 2012.

Randy and Evi Quaid’s bizarre interview: The Quaids warn of “star whackers” and schemes – latimes.com.


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