It Gets Better

I’m lucky.  I was raised in a home of tolerance.   Early on my parents said that bigotry and prejudice were not acceptable. They said that people are just people.  They are not black people.  They are just people.  People are not gay, they are just people. Labels are for products in a grocery store.  

People are just people.  They are not a color.  They are not a sexual preference.  They are not a religion.  They are just people.   There are many kids today who are the victims of hatred, bigotry, bullying and extreme harassment.  It sickens me.  I cannot understand why we are not celebrating our differences.   We should be applauding those who choose to be different.   We should open our minds and our hearts to understand the differences and how we can learn from them. 

I am deeply saddened by the depths of despair that cause victims of bigotry and prejudice to take their own lives.  I am even more troubled by the hatred and fear that drives people to attack people simply because they are different. 

Please watch this video.  It is powerful.  It is a manifesto for tolerance.  In fact watch it again and send it to others.  Then take a look at the It Gets Better website and take the pledge.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Thanks for finding this powerful video. It really points out that we are all the same but we are playing different roles. At our core we should find are common ingredeants.


  2. Yep. Take a look at the web site too. Tons of powerful videos.


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