I Won’t Vote For You

Ok, enough with the opponent bashing advertising.  Would someone please run an ad that tells me what they believe in or what qualifies them to be in public office?  I’m taking a stand and have decided a candidate will NOT get my vote when he or she says:

.  My opponent is a dipshit. 

‘  My opponent is a liar and personally caused the war, the bad economy and my basement to flood.

.  My opponent is a Nazi, Communist, alien, steroid-using, shape shifter who lies and cheats and has affairs.

.  My opponent caused unemployment to rise

.  My opponent wants a monarchy.

I also won’t vote for candidates who speak in glittering generalities like:

.  The economy is terrible

.  War is bad

.  It’s their fault

Everybody knows that

.  Healthcare is a problem

And I certainly won’t vote for you when you make outrageous claims about what you will accomplish.

.  I will fix Congress.

.  I will raise/lower taxes

.  I will create jobs.

.  I will end the housing crisis.

.  I will get rid of all the pork, earmarks and bureaucrats.

.  I will singlehandedly fix all of our problems.

I plan on voting for candidates who are thoughtful about the issues and say they will work with all parties to affect needed changes.  I plan on voting for people who recognize that the issues are as complicated as citizens are.   I will vote for people who are collaborative and are problem solvers.  I will vote for those who choose hope and innovation over hate and blame.

Are you out there?


2 responses to this post.

  1. All well and good…but you are voting for Democrats, right?


    • The ones in my district, yes.  That said, there are moderate Republicans I would vote for if I could.  Truthfully, the right wing seems to have hijacked the R’s so they don’t get my vote very often.  But I never ever vote strictly for someone because they have a D next to theirname.


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