Get Smart, Vote Smart

If you are like me and I’m sure you are, you tend to read articles and columns or watch pundits who share your point of view.  The same holds true for political candidates.  I tend to vote for those who have my point of view.  The problem often is finding out what their opinions are.  Well thanks to the folks at Vote Smart you can find out how candidates in your state (most states are up, the rest are coming) feel about important issues like taxes, education, the war in Afghanistan and the economy.  All you to have to do is click on the issue and select your POV.  Then the site matches your views with candidates running for office.  Brilliant. Big props to Hillary Miller for discovering this site.

Of course, you need to have an informed opinion based on unbiased research.  Well they have that information also.  If you look at the parent organization you will find more data on what views have been expressed and by whom.  Of course, as they point out, most really don’t have the courage to express a specific view.  Lots of wafflers.

By the way, for those of you in Washington state there are a ton of comlex issues on the ballot.  The wording is arcane and a yes could mean a no and vice versa.  Take a look at  This site does a nice job of explaining what each of the ballot issues are and what voting for or against means.


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