Teach Me, Part 2

For the hundreds of thousands of you who are regular readers of PS you know that I am a proponent of public education reform.  If you look at the Categories drop down menu, you can find previous postage.   In case you’ve been living under a rock you know that there is a national movement underway to improve public education.  From Race to the Top to Charter Schools to changing how teachers are evaluated to paying teacher more money; there is a lot of significant change happening.

One area that is in its infancy is online education.  The Internet has made it possible for literally anyone to learn more online.  If going somewhere and sitting in a classroom is a barrier then learning online might be the answer.   That leads me to a profound discovery I made recently:  Khan Academy.  Sal Khan teaches mostly math from arithmetic to algebra to Calculus and beyond…online.

He has developed over 1,600 tutorial videos that simply and brilliantly and most important, effectively provide viewers with digestible learning about all things math.  He also has some story problems, history, biology and a few others.  His background is a bunch of advanced degrees in math and engineering.  But his style is conversational and inviting.  Bill Gates recently said:  “This guy is amazing.  It is awesome how much he has done with very little resources.”

If you or your kids need a leg up in getting on the math train, you should go to http://www.khanacademy.org right now.  70,000 viewers daily can’t be wrong. Another powerful reminder of how much difference a great teacher can make.  Bravo.

Here is a video clip about Sal and the academy: 


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