What Do You Do?

At _____, you’ll find intelligent placement based on project need. We operate on a foundation of transparency and integrity, and we work smart to ensure project success. We match the right people to the right project and then manage the work.

Our clients call us when they have something pressing on their minds — whether it is a major strategic or operational need or an organizational challenge. They look to us for honest, objective, thoughtful, and experienced advice.

Those are two actual “What We Do” statements taken from consulting firm websites.  It seems to me that neither provides any insight as to what they actually do.   Hmm.  In both cases you eventually get to a bunch of specific stuff that describes in great detail what services they offer.  That’s if you stay on the site.

During my ISC, I have been on both sides of the review process.  I have been the one looking for a consultant.  And I have been the consultant being looked at.  I have always found that very specific information right away is best.   If you take too long talking about your “brand matrix” or whatever you call your proprietary process, the audience is left wondering:  Why isn’t he telling me what he does?  Long, drawn-out presentations about process can be perceived as code for “We don’t really have any ideas or insights but we have this bitchin’ power point with lots of cool slides about process.”  That is a non-starter.

If you are about great ideas, and you should be, then right up front show them a great idea you’ve had, and the results that came from it.  Every single time I’ve been hired, it was because I did that.  And every time I wasn’t hired was because I spent too much time quacking away about the team, our philosophy, the process, integration and the power of brands.  Crickets.

So, if your website has a generic paragraph about philosophy or culture or value-added insight, lose it.  Put up a big number and then tell the visitor that number was the amount of incremental revenue your last idea generated for a client. 

You’ll get hired.


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