But Who Gets the Golden Lion?

Over the years during my ISC (Incredibly Successful Career) I often found myself at loggerheads (great word) with the creative department.  Typically the issues revolved around who was supposed to do what and by when.  That was from my side.  The creative folks always wanted more time and money.  And they NEVER liked the creative brief.  They felt that the brief was too long, too vague and mostly just not what they wanted to do.   Interestingly there was never arguing over who was buying lunch.

Well, that problem has been solved.  Check out this article in the New York Times titled:  Don’t Tell the Creative Department, but Software Can Produce Ads, Too.   Apparently something called BETC Euro RSCG has created software that produces ads.  They call it CAI, pronounced KAY, for Creative Artificial Intelligence. 

Awesome baby.  No more long meetings with 17 people arguing over whether the ads are supposed to create awareness or generate sales.  CAI pumps out lists of campaign objectives, product benefits and audience types.  All you have to do is pick the category (cars) and type of product (hybrid).  Then you just plug in the appropriate stuff from the check lists and voila, CAI produces three possible ads.

For an industry struggling for relevance this seems like the perfect solution.  All agencies need now are a couple of account people, a project manager, some media peeps and a rocking IT department.  Now IT is running the show because you definitely need CAI to be working 24/7.  The real beauty of this is that is will pump out endless options…a client favorite.  And when the client changes the budget or the objective or the target audience just push a couple of buttons and you get more ads.

Apparently,  “CAI can randomly generate an estimated 200,000 ads.”  And according to the article, the ads are “bland and formulaic – but perfectly acceptable.”  

Excellent.  Perfectly acceptable ads.  Not sure exactly where that category is in the award shows hierarchy but who cares?   No more hand wringing over what campaign to submit or who goes to the award show.  It’s all about volume.  Just let CAI crank out those ads and let the IT guys go to Cannes.


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