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Be There

Halloween weekend kickoff

On October 30th you need to be at Westlake Center at 9am to restore sanity.    It’s time for the voice of moderation to be heard.  Until now the only voices were those of the far left and right using their loud and inflammatory rhetoric to hijack the national conversation.  This is a chance to stand or sit and be counted.  You won’t be asked to do much other than maybe listen or simply talk to those around you about the notion of citizenship.  Imagine that.  Here is the link to the national website and why Jon Stewart will be on the Mall that day.

I’ll bring doughnuts.


Congressional Searing

Stephen Colbert took his brilliant satire right to the belly of the beast.   The committee seemed to waver between shock, horror, anger and Huh?  And what about the two right in back of Colbert?  I couldn’t tell if they really didn’t get it, were in on it or were actually just CGI.

Stephen is fearless.  Whether you agree with him or not you gotta give him props for getting it said right there in front of Wrongress.  Bravo.

Time to Celebrate

The recession is over.  Yea baby.  Time to party.   And apparently its been over for a while.  According to something called the National Bureau of Economic Research, the recession ended in June of 2009.  I wonder why they didn’t tell us sooner?  I mean think about all those businesses that erroneously laid off people thinking we were still in a recession.  If they had received the memo last year I’m sure we would have been partying a lot sooner.   Anyway, better late than never.   So, all those who think they can’t get a job, think again.  This recession is over, right? 

This chart proves the recession is over

Great American #137: WTF?

As the political season moves into the fall campaigns more and more money is being spent on great advertising like this gem from John Dennis.  He believes in the constitution. Check.  He doesn’t want debt. Check.  Good to have these tried and true homilies with no specifics.  Oh wait, he wants to beat Nancy Pelosi.  Certainly spent some money on production but really needed to have an idea.  Bizarre.

Top 10 Double-Secret Unknown Facts About Advertising

I love the Ad Contrarian.  It’s  because of stuff like this list of unknown ad facts that make his blog such a pleasure.  He pokes holes in the written and unwritten rules of advertising all with the notion of making it better and more relevant.  And according to his list a lot of current beliefs are apparently myths.  Enjoy.

Top 10 Double-Secret Unknown Facts About Advertising.

1) 99.9% of people who are served an online display ad do not click on it.

2) TV viewership is now at its highest point ever.

3) 96% of all retail activity is done in a store. 4% is done on-line.

4) DVR owners watch live TV 95% of the time. 5% of the time they watch recorded material.

5) 99% percent of all video viewing is done on a television. 1% is done on-line.

6) The difference in purchasing behavior between people who use DVRs to skip ads and those who don’t: None.

7) Since the 1990s, click-through rates for banner ads have dropped 97.5%.

8) Since the introduction of TiVo, real-time TV viewing has increased over 20%.

 9) Baby boomers dominate 94% of all consumer packaged goods categories. 5% of advertising is aimed at them.

 10) TV viewers are no more likely to leave the room during a commercial break than they are before or after the break.

Great American #67

As hard to believe as it may seem, this guy did not win.  Although given his amazing credentials and colossal passion it is surprising he didn’t at least get to the finals.  Maybe it was the saliva he sprayed all over the nine people in the audience.  It certainly couldn’t have been how well he knew his material.  Good to see that our political system still works.

Teach Me, Part 2

For the hundreds of thousands of you who are regular readers of PS you know that I am a proponent of public education reform.  If you look at the Categories drop down menu, you can find previous postage.   In case you’ve been living under a rock you know that there is a national movement underway to improve public education.  From Race to the Top to Charter Schools to changing how teachers are evaluated to paying teacher more money; there is a lot of significant change happening.

One area that is in its infancy is online education.  The Internet has made it possible for literally anyone to learn more online.  If going somewhere and sitting in a classroom is a barrier then learning online might be the answer.   That leads me to a profound discovery I made recently:  Khan Academy.  Sal Khan teaches mostly math from arithmetic to algebra to Calculus and beyond…online.

He has developed over 1,600 tutorial videos that simply and brilliantly and most important, effectively provide viewers with digestible learning about all things math.  He also has some story problems, history, biology and a few others.  His background is a bunch of advanced degrees in math and engineering.  But his style is conversational and inviting.  Bill Gates recently said:  “This guy is amazing.  It is awesome how much he has done with very little resources.”

If you or your kids need a leg up in getting on the math train, you should go to right now.  70,000 viewers daily can’t be wrong. Another powerful reminder of how much difference a great teacher can make.  Bravo.

Here is a video clip about Sal and the academy: