This Makes Me Happy

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the first decade of this millennium.  I will be writing about it from time to time in the months to come.  Certainly there have been astounding innovations in the oughts.  From Facebook to iTunes to TMZ (kidding)We went from maybe half-dozen reality shows in 2000 to way-too-many.  Now there are even reality show spinoffs.  And does anybody actually talk on a telephone anymore?

But more of that later.  Right now I want to talk about one innovation that I love:  Flash Mobs.  I’m not even sure why they exist or what the point is, but to see a whole bunch of people come together in one place and do something in sync for a few minutes is pretty fun.  It is a testament to both technology and its power to bring people together. 

The other day my son found out about one at the Seattle Center.  At a certain time people were supposed to show up at the fountain.  There a “choreographer” asked everyone to synchronize their watches and get ready to “freeze” at a certain time.  So the couple hundred or so people walked around the area eating ice cream, chatting, throwing Frisbees, etc. until the designated time.  Then they all froze for five minutes.  People not a part of the flash mob didn’t notice at first but then couldn’t help but see people frozen in place all around them.  The non-participants were amused, puzzled and mostly smiling.  It was pretty cool.

So, as this decade unwinds think about some of the changes that have occurred since 2000 and let me know what you thought were the most profound, funny, weird, gratifying, inspirational, painful or whatever and I will create a list.  There are some obvious ones like 9/11 and TARP and the wars and bank failures and the Internet-driven innovations like Wikipedia.  Throw them all in and we’ll create a flash list. 

In the meanwhile, enjoy this Flash Mob moment from the Oprah show.  And by the way, I love this song.


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