In February I wrote about public apologies in my brilliant post titled Who’s Sorry Now?  It appears that the political category deserves its own post given the campaign rhetoric and accompanying “mis-rememberances” and “mis-speaking”  by some of the candidates.

First there is Richard Blumenthal, the Connecticut  Democratic candidate for the Senate.  He claimed he had served in Vietnam when, in fact, he served stateside in the Marine Corps Reserve.  Oops.  

Then there is Mark Kirk who is running for the Illinois Republican Senate seat.  He stretched the truth by saying he was named the Navy Intelligence Officer of the Year.  The fact is that his entire unit received another award from the Navy — not him personally.  So much for intelligence. 

It reminds me of George O’Leary, the current University of Central Florida football coach. In 2001 he was hired by Notre Dame to be their next football coach.  Then they found out he had “embellished” a few things on his resume.  He claimed that he had earned a master’s degree from NYU-Stony Brook. In fact, he had taken only two courses at NYU, and never graduated. He also said that he had earned three letters in football at the University of New Hampshire when he actually never played in a game.

Notre Dame fired him.  They felt that a coach had a responsibility to not only teach kids how to play football but to teach them life lessons like honesty and integrity.  He confessed to padding his resume to get a better job.  He did not claim that he had mis-remembered or misspoken.  Imagine that.

Fast forward to Mark and Kirk.  Not only did neither apologize, Kirk even said,  “I simply misremembered it wrong.”  Huh?  Since we can’t fire them we can vote against them as  I’m sure they have no plans to take that pesky high road and withdraw. 

So let’s all have a big shout out for Mark, Kirk and all the other politicians in Wrongress who are helping us clean up the oil spill, end war and fix the economy.  We’ll be just fine.


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