Where the dumbest drivers are

The folks at CNN created this handy interactive map so you could see how many people in your state are lousy drivers.  I haven’t  seen anybody changing their clothes while driving…although the guy in the clown suit I passed probably shoulda.   I did actually see someone playing a trumpet with both hands with his elbows  firmly at 10 and 2 on the steering wheel.  And do you think drinking coffee while driving constitutes “eating while driving?” 

The map also shows where the people are who would fail a written driver’s exam.  Apparently there are about 38 million of us who lack the knowledge to pass the average state written test.  So, how are they getting a license?

Anyway, it’s fun to play with and on this holiday weekend a good map to check before heading out on the road.

Map: Where the dumbest drivers are.


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