Me and Mike: From the Heart

Mike "Soul Train" Steele (L)

Back in March I posted my heartfelt appreciation after getting a personal letter from Mike Steele, the street-wise hipster who is Chairman of the Republican National Committee (Run-RNC).  In that letter he asked me to send him some dough to help them fight the evil Obama-liars.  I forgot to send them a check so guess what, he wrote me again!  Awesome. 

He has forgiven me for my lapse and is giving me another opportunity to send some money.  He also included a questionnaire so he would know where I stand “on the policies and programs being proposed by Barack Obama and his Democrat allies in Congress.” 

This is my chance to help overcome the non-stop, swooning coverage of the ultra-biased media.  Mike and Run-RNC also pointed out that Democrats have attacked our leaders with personal smears and saturated the media with propaganda.   

No kidding.  I mean look what the media and the Obamarats did to poor Mike Souder, the Republican from Indiana.  Here he was waxing eloquent about celibacy and God and faithfulness when those f**kers in the press made him confess to an affair.  I mean, c’mon, if you can’t be a womanizing evangelical what chance does this country have? 

But I digress.  The main point here is that Run-RNC needs my help.  Not only money  but they want to know where I stand in not supporting the radical proposals being put forward by Obama and the Democrats.   

They included a 2010 Obama Agenda Survey with a Run-RNC ID number so it’s official.  I guess it’s a coincidence that it looks just like a ballot.  But hey it’s “official” so I need to get it right back to Mike so they can use my answers in the campaign against those Obamarats. 

I guess that first letter didn’t get the elephants enough money.   Mike says that the donkeys  out-raised elephants by a 2-1 margin.  Of course, when you consider that it was sent to me, an Independent, then it stands to reason that very few actual Republicans actually received this calm and well-reasoned letter.  “He intends to immediately bring about ‘change’ that will stifle our fragile economy and  undermine our nation’s sovereignty …  We don’t have a moment to waste!”   

Mike points out that “one thing Obama and the Democrats have is lots of money. We cannot afford to wait…” 

I feel you Mike.  Certainly every problem that exists in the country today started when Obama became president.  Before Obama the economy was rock solid.  There was peace everywhere.  The environment was pristine.  And we all had guns.  Happy to fill out the questionnaire if it will help us get back on track.


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