The Oil Spill Explained

The oil rig explosion and subsequent ecological disaster, not to mention the bizarre and pretty ineffective cleanup has been hard to understand.  I mean I get that gzillions of gallons of oil are spewing everywhere and could creep around Florida and up the Atlantic coast.  And I get that its killed eleven people and who knows how much sea life.  And it’s basically shut down the Gulf fishing industry.  Yet, it is still hard to grasp.  And then the folks at Infographic World created this graphic masterpiece.  Now I get it and I’m scared.

Right now there is a lot of hand wringing going on and a lot of blaming.  (We do that better than any country in the world.)  Nobody seems to know what to do.  I mean why would we need to have proven disaster plans in place in case something like this ever happened? 

Oil continues to plague this country.   We are dependent on it.  We fight wars over it.  People die because of it.  It creates wealth.  It corrupts.  It pollutes.  It creates socio-economic imbalance around the world.  It makes people do crazy things like go to the ends of the earth (literally) to find it and own it and sell it.  And people who don’t have it will pay almost anything to get it.  

Sound familiar?   Yeah, but this drug is legal.


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  1. Well said, Jan. As for all the finger-pointing, I think each of us needs to ask ourselves what we’re doing driving anything that gets less than 35 mpg (if we have to drive at all). There are oil spills because people use oil. Use less of it, spill less of it.


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