Apostrophe Now

Ask what you can do for your country… like punctuate.

Can we just stop screwing with the apostrophe?  I mean, how hard is it?  This is becoming a bigger deal than all the unmarried Housewives of …,  Mariners suckball, and who will make the latest Tiger Top Ten Skanking list. 

I was reminded of this punctuation insanity  when I saw a decal on the back window of a car that said:  “No Bad Day’s.  Los Cabos.”  Stop the madness, people.

This is a link to a Flickr portfolio of apostrophe-misuse-ness (I’m a hyphen guy.)  There are tons of photos showing the amazingly creative misapplications of this misunderstood and abused punctuation mark. 

There is a proliferation of apostrophes running amok in our country.  Even in names.    It’s one thing to have names like O’Connell, O’Dowd and D’Angelo.  I get that.  But what’s up with these actual names:  Rah’nee, A’merika, D’shaun and Shau’nay?   I know these are personal choices and I guess there’ are no rules for punctuation in a name.  But still, have these people thought about job applications?  Or how computers account for apostrophes in a name?

As it happens, I renewed my driver’s license today.  I thought about playing with some apostrophed versions of my name, like J’an Edmond’son or D’jan or J’ed or just  j’  (pronounced like you’re clearing your throat).  But somehow none of them rang true.  Of course, the DOL clerk just looked disgusted, especially when I couldn’t read line two on the vision machine.  Better stick with Jan.

Finally, a shout out to my friend Craig Heisner who sent me the photo below.  As Craig said, when it’s in ink you better get it right.


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  1. Amen, brother!


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