NFL Draft TV Deal

The NFL announced a blockbuster deal with ESPN, Fox Sports, CBS, NBC and ABC in which the draft will now be a regular weekly series across all the networks at the same time.  Said Roger Goodell, NFL Commissioner:  “It has become obvious that the draft is the single most important sports property in the world.  Fans cannot get enough of it.  In the past we have only televised the first 100 rounds.  Yet, we have found on the Internet huge amounts of people still actively following the draft well into the later rounds…even the 700th selections.”

While details are still being worked out, this writer was able to learn that each show will be 30 minutes long and include an in-depth profile of a featured player, the player’s stats, an analysis of his upside, downside and backside by Mel Hyper, renowned and amazingly unqualified NFL draft analyst.  Because there are so many draftees (4,672 so far in the 2010 draft) it won’t be possible to include every single draftee, so a Web-based show will stream continuously with updates every 30 seconds.

The NFL is particularly excited about the Embryo portion of the show.  Here is where the viewer can see which embryonic future players have been selected.  Certainly a big part of the recent success of the NFL draft has been its ability to find future stars at this very important stage of their lives.  It is a big reason why fewer and fewer children are playing soccer, basketball and baseball.  (Apparently lacrosse has made inroads, but the NFL has brought copyright infringement charges and lacrosse is expected to go away.) 

Another hope of this year-round-forever programming coup is that the NFL will be playing 200 games a year as a way to satisfy the incredible numbers of kids being drafted.  Said Goodell:  “The future of the NFL is unlimited.  By airing this critical aspect of our growth machine we can satisfy the needs of our fans while, of course, lining our pockets with serious bank.”  When asked, if he is concerned that the number of players being drafted will exceed the number of viewers,  Goodell responded:  “There are a bunch of continents out there salivating for us.”

Terms of the deal were not disclosed, however it was learned that as a result of its exclusive sponsorship, Nike will become a country.


3 responses to this post.

  1. And frankly it’s about damn time Nike became a country.


  2. Finally a country where Sarah Palin can be President!


  3. Posted by Craig on April 24, 2010 at 4:23 pm

    In all honesty, I was handed a business card today by a guy that is selling combine workouts for kids. You can’t have a draft without a 24/7 combine channel.


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