So, I went to the Tea Party rally/demonstration/gathering /protest on tax day.  I’ve read so much about these folks I thought I’d go see for myself.  I took along my ace photographer, Barbara Edmondson, and you can thank her for the awesome pics.

I sort of thought there would be a lot of shouting and anger.  But to my surprise the crowd of around 300 people was pretty calm and reserved.  Maybe it was their age.  I would describe the crowd demos as white, 50+ skewing into the 70’s, more male but plenty of women and certainly not the Rich White Men (RWM) I’ve been hearing are the largest segment of the Tea Party movement. 

There were plenty of speakers focused on encouraging activism and urging citizens to take back the government from the professionals and return it to the citizens.  Of course a lot of the rhetoric was about big government and its cost.  One great quote:  “If you think yelling at the tv is political activism, you’re wrong.”  Can’t disagree with that.

But the really interesting and most entertaining part was the signs.  If the people were quiet, the signs weren’t.   Here is my favorite.   A couple of younger, happy guys lovin’ the whole Obama/Hitler thing. 

And NASA too! The best part of this sign is Save NASA. It’s like they were putting the sign together and realized “Dude, look at all that room at the top. We gotta add something! Uh, well, Obama said something about NASA the other day, didn’t he? He probably wants to get rid of it. And if NASA’s gone there goes my chance to be an astronaut. Besides NASA isn’t part of that whole big government thing. So lets put that on the sign.” And the URL at the bottom is for Excellent. If there was ever a poster child (he’s like 127 years old) for wing nuts, ole Lyndon is definitely the one.

Here’s another great shot that proves how a well-placed punctuation mark can really help your cause.

Trophie’s for apostrophe’sProbably our most underrated and underappreciated punctuation mark is the apostrophe.  The Tea Party-ers understand that and have brought that little baby back to its deserved place at the pinnacle of punctuation.

This perfectly captures the ideology signage that seems to dominate virtually every crowd shot of a Tea Party gathering. 

Where are the American Ideol-ogy judges when you need them?  You have your socialsm, Marxism and fascism all within five feet of each other.  Is this a great country or what?

And now for the piece dah resistance…

This guy is clearly a happy man.  I talked to him and I think he’s willing to pay my taxes too.  Through all the rhetoric and yelling and name calling it’s pretty cool to see someone with a sense of humor.  Bravo.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Is Canada accepting immigrants?


  2. Lyndon LaRouche, Fascism, Communism…yikes! And of course lots of American flags and scripture. This is a pretty confused group.


  3. Posted by joechianakas on April 17, 2010 at 2:28 pm

    “I love taxes!” Great sign.

    I like the ones with a sense of humor. I’ve seen signs as jokes that said, “Palin/Voldemort 2010” and “I’m gay for Palin.” I’d love to see if there is any real logic behind their arguments.


  4. I’m pretty sure logic just gets in the way. A woman at the event (in her 70’s) told me she’s against healthcare reform because her cousin’s borther died in the UK at 63. She said if he was using the UK’s health care system none of his costs would have been covered. He was covered by his company and they paid for everything. Huh? By the way, I like the funny ones too…check out my earlier post today Saturday Shallow


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