The DOL Loves Me

Saturday I got my first birthday card.  (It’s May 11th, so you have time to get me something.)  It was from the DOL.  Yep, those same people who made it harder than trig to get my son’s driver’s license sent me a gorgeous black and white license renewal reminder.

And get this.  I can opt for an enhanced driver’s license/ID card for a mere $45.  What is an enhanced card you ask?  Well, apparently it was created by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as a new form of ID at all U.S. land and sea (not air) border crossings in the western hemisphere.  In other words, you can use this for Mexico and Canada instead of that pesky passport.

It combines the usual driver’s license stuff along with an RFID chip akin to the one in your passport.   They do a little swab in your mouth to get some DNA.  And they somehow take your unique body aroma (UBA) as well. Not sure how they get that into the card and then into the data base.  Especially considering how many aromas there are at a DOL office.  I would hate to get the wrong smell on my card.

I was ID-lighted to know that the DOL thought enough of me to not only wish me a happy birthday but for the chance to enhance something.   Given the seemingly universal obsession with enhancements of all kinds… from body parts to resumes, this only makes sense.

The enhanced ID is optional.  You can still get the regular driver’s license.  But why would you?


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