Who Would You Do?

So far four women have said they had sex with Jesse James, besides his current and ex-wives.  That pales in comparison to the ten (so far) who claim to have used Tiger’s driver.   So, while Tiger and Jesse spend time in rehab (the current mea culpa fave) their ex-mistresses write books, post on blogs, submit to interviews, pose for Playboy and party on.  They tend to get paid for all the exposure.

So, what are we to think about this new level of public admissions to bad behavior?  Are these public figures to be judged as sinners who have betrayed the public trust?  Are they hypocrites for espousing values that apparently they don’t really believe in?  We certainly know that many public figures apologize only upon being caught, and thus are really only sorry for being busted — not for the actual bad behavior.   We are left to wonder: If they weren’t caught, would they ever have apologized, or just carried on?

What about the women who seem to run to the nearest media outlet to let us know how much, where and even how good or bad the sex was?  Are we to praise them for their honesty?  Are they victims of these womanizing public figures (notice I didn’t say “stars”) who have taken advantage of them?  Or are they just publicity whores (pun intended) who are trying to leverage Sexing With The Stars into a book deal, a modeling gig or…  a Reality Show!

And what about all of us? We who sat riveted in front of the tv when all the networks cut into regular programming to show a golfer apologizing for having a lot of sex with a lot of women.  I wonder what happened to U.S. productivity during that 13.5 minutes? We seem to have an insatiable need for reading and viewing and talking about leader lust.  It’s way more interesting than talking about health care, war or the economy.

I for one will be watching The Masters where Tiger will be on public display when he returns to his workplace.  Did you hear the Jesse James is going to be his caddy?  Excellent.


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