‘S Wonderful

Here is an inspiring story from yesterday’s Seattle Times.  It is Nicole Brodeur’s column on an innovative program at Olympic View Middle School in Mukilteo.  In short, the principal, Nancy Coogan along with other school educators realized that some of her students’ only regular meals were the ones they were getting at school. 

They created the “Packs for Kids” program in collaboration with Jansport and local civic and religious organizations.  Each Friday several packs are loaded up with nutritious foods and given to kids to take home for the weekend.  The kids’ parents had previously given permission and the kids receive the packs in total privacy.  They return them on Monday.

It is easy to criticize the public school system for its many problems.  Yet, here is an example of how one public school has gone above and beyond to help kids in need.  In the words of Nancy Coogan:  “If I am not seeing achievement [among Pack kids], I will develop a plan.  The state pays me to educate every kid, so I am going to do what I have to do.”  

And in the words of George Gershwin:

‘s wonderful, ‘s marvelous.  You should care for me.

‘s awful nice, ‘s paradise.  ‘s what I love to see.




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