Say Anything. Do Something.

My eyes and ears are bleeding from the increasingly loud and absurd debate about the issue known as “Health Care Reform.”  There have been so many claims about what will or will not happen as a result of this legislation it is impossible to have an informed opinion.   Of course, an informed opinion was never part of the DNA of Wrongress. 

It seem to me that there are so many moving parts to this 1,000+ page bill that virtually everybody affected will have a bone to pick.  And the sound bites that are emanating from the debate continue to demonstrate how incompetent Wrongess appears to be.  Death Panels! More Expensive Medicare! Medicare Eliminated! Free Health Care for Illegal Immigrants! Public Option is Communist! Doctors will charge even more! Democrats are liars! Republicans are liars!

The only thing that everybody seems to agree with is that health care is broken. 

I suggest that this bill is probably flawed.  It probably is trying to do too much.  It cannot solve everything that is wrong with our health care system.  And I certainly don’t profess to know everything.  I simply know that my health care costs have risen every single year for the past 20 years.  And the ratio of health care expense to my personal income has risen even faster. 

It is time to DO SOMETHING.  This is a start.  We can keep tweaking and improving it, but DO SOMETHING.  It won’t be perfect.  But DO SOMETHING.

It reminds me of a time years ago in the ad agency.  I was working with a copywriter on an ad campaign for a client.  Over several weeks the writer and I discussed everything about the client, its product and the audience for the advertising.  Research and more research was done.  The writer had more questions.  More conversations about different possibilities.  More questions from the writer.  Still no copy, no ads.  The deadlines came and went, a couple of times.  The writer couldn’t seem to pull the trigger.  Finally I said:  You have the accumulated knowledge of the Western World on this subject.  Now you need to write something.  It won’t be perfect.  But you need to DO SOMETHING.

Wrongress and the administration can say anything about health care.  It’s time to quit talking and DO SOMETHING.


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