The Power of One

In the last two weeks we have experienced a fatal flaw in Wrongress.   A single Congressman has been able to stop government.  Apparently our seemingly perfect system of checks and balances is a sham.  We have a system of checks, but no balance.

Today we are witnessing the joy of Jim Bunning, the old, white Kentucky senator.  He has found an arcane rule that has allowed him to singlehandedly prevent the planned extension of stop-gap stimulus legislation.  That action means ending unemployment benefits for millions, cuts in Medicare payments to doctors and stopping highway building projects, to name a few.  Nice.

Last week the esteemed old, white Senator from Alabama, Richard (the Dick) Shelby found a different arcane rule that he used to stall hundreds of Federal appointments.  He wanted some pork for his state and would not allow key Homeland Security and Department of Defense appointments to go through so he could get some Federal dollars for pet projects in his state.  Even nicer.


This is insanity.   This is not Democracy.  It’s not even bureaucracy.  It’s paralysis of the worst kind.  Self-interested, narcissistic Congressmen grand-standing “for the public good.”   I’m not defending the stimulus package or these Federal appointments.  But it is absurd and disturbing that one person can prevent our government from working.  I’m pretty sure people in Iraq and Afghanistan are watching and wondering just how they are supposed to be happy about our enlightened form of governance. 

Wrongress continues to demonstrate its ineffectiveness.  It is largely composed of old, white men increasingly out of touch with America.  This group of 500 people is absolutely not representing you or me.   But even worse, the system itself is flawed.  It’s hard enough when trying to get a majority among 500 people to agree on anything.

But when the rules of the game enable one person to stop everyone and everything else from doing anything, Wrongness should just close due to incompetence.   Let them all go home and go without pay…like millions of others have been doing for some time now.


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  1. Posted by Craig on March 2, 2010 at 9:46 pm



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