The Best Biz Books You Will Ever Read

During my incredibly successful career I found that there are a few books that I consistently return to for sage advice.  Certainly there are thousands to pick from, yet, this list stands the test of time.  Since my career has been mostly in marketing you will see an emphasis there but I have to say most of these transcend industries.   Enjoy.  (Next book list will be my non-biz list)

  • The Sipping Point:  A how-to of after-work bar behavior.  Getting hammered was never this good.
  • Ogilvy On Everything:  The legendary know-it-all tells it like it is…from the grave.
  • Who Moved My Crocs?:  The best-selling parable of how to beat the system by never changing.
  • Good to OK:  This instant classic shows how mediocrity can be a source of pride and cash!
  • Built to Last For Awhile:  An excellent primer on the fallacy of long-term success.
  • Branding:  So Much To Say:  Throw out your branding books and get this definitive 27 volume anthology.  A must for right next to your “ME” wall.
  • My Life:  Donny Bonaducci:  So little to say, so many pages.  The king of loser television speaks to the shallow person inside all of us.
  • Tickets! My Life in Media:  The tell-all on the media industry’s dirty not-so-little secret.
  • The Al and Jack Story:  Who knew that Ries and Trout could write still another book about themselves?
  • The 177 Immutable Laws of Public Relations:  Why use one word, when millions of words tell the story so completely?
  • Communications for Dummies:  Somebody finally got it right, on one page.
  • Eating the Big Steak:  Tiny loser companies are really cool and great for building creative reputations.
  • BADWEEK:  One ad agency person’s horrific tale of actually working 47 hours…in one week!
  • The Cannes-Do Book:  The last and only word on how to fill out the entry, get short-listed and PARTY!
  • Advertising Potty Humor I, II, III:  Leather-bound and ready to rock!  And not one logo.
  • Byte Me:  Has technology made us better or faster?  Did it kill the traditional ad biz?  Read on…oh wait, I mean download it baby.
  • The Art of Client Suck-up:  True stories about what really matters in this cross-industry treasure.
  • Profoundly Shallow:  One ad exec’s tell-all about making a lot of money, knowing nothing and the demise of the ad industry.
  • Power Point Wars:  Never speak to your audience while making a killer presentation.
  • Google-icious:  One day before the save-your-ass presentation.  A man, his computer and instant brilliance.
  • Wink:  Validation that knowledge just gets in the way.  Your opinion is decided by…your opinion.  Being judgmental is very ok.
  • Go Friend Yourself:  I’m ok and I want every one of my 27,642 friends to know it.
  • Blog Me, Baby:  You always knew you had a lot to say but you couldn’t find a publisher.  Now tens of people can read your shit.

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