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Who Would You Do?

So far four women have said they had sex with Jesse James, besides his current and ex-wives.  That pales in comparison to the ten (so far) who claim to have used Tiger’s driver.   So, while Tiger and Jesse spend time in rehab (the current mea culpa fave) their ex-mistresses write books, post on blogs, submit to interviews, pose for Playboy and party on.  They tend to get paid for all the exposure.

So, what are we to think about this new level of public admissions to bad behavior?  Are these public figures to be judged as sinners who have betrayed the public trust?  Are they hypocrites for espousing values that apparently they don’t really believe in?  We certainly know that many public figures apologize only upon being caught, and thus are really only sorry for being busted — not for the actual bad behavior.   We are left to wonder: If they weren’t caught, would they ever have apologized, or just carried on?

What about the women who seem to run to the nearest media outlet to let us know how much, where and even how good or bad the sex was?  Are we to praise them for their honesty?  Are they victims of these womanizing public figures (notice I didn’t say “stars”) who have taken advantage of them?  Or are they just publicity whores (pun intended) who are trying to leverage Sexing With The Stars into a book deal, a modeling gig or…  a Reality Show!

And what about all of us? We who sat riveted in front of the tv when all the networks cut into regular programming to show a golfer apologizing for having a lot of sex with a lot of women.  I wonder what happened to U.S. productivity during that 13.5 minutes? We seem to have an insatiable need for reading and viewing and talking about leader lust.  It’s way more interesting than talking about health care, war or the economy.

I for one will be watching The Masters where Tiger will be on public display when he returns to his workplace.  Did you hear the Jesse James is going to be his caddy?  Excellent.


A Freedumb Moment

Yesterday as I was poring through the latest riveting updates on the Sandra – Jesse saga I saw a blurb about the cancellation of a speech at the University of Wyoming.  The scheduled speaker was Bill Ayers, the University of Illinois professor who was a 1970’s convicted radical bomber.  Ayers was the founder of the Weather Underground that was an anti-Vietnam radical activist group known for bombing empty government buildings.   Ayers turned himself in to authorities in 1980 and pleaded guilty to possession of explosives for which charges were dropped.

Tom Buchanan, UW President said that he had concerns about safety given the outpouring of negative emails and letters he received from people around the state.  Buchanan said: “Re-evaluation of this event was unavoidable. I’m satisfied with the outcome.  Academic freedom is a core principle of any institution of higher education. But with that freedom comes an obligation to exercise free thought and free speech in concert with mutual respect and acknowledgement of broader resource and security impacts on the campus. The exercise of freedom requires a commensurate dose of responsibility.”

Given that Ayers has been a professor at a large public university for several years, and given that he is a nationally respected advocate for reform in public education, I wondered why people were against him.  Of course, I suspected that it had to do with his radical activities of 30 years ago.  And yes, I found that those opposed felt that Ayers would be an abuse of freedom of speech.  In fact, people like Ayers should not be allowed to speak anywhere.

Take a look at this article from the Laramie Boomerang (Don’t you love that name?) that was written before the cancellation.  Please take the time to read the comments section.  It is here where you can see how alive and well the Freedumb movement is.

Sunday Shallow

If you thought sports figures’ rants were spontaneous, you were wrong.  Here is the dirty and very profane  underbelly of  raving sports wingnuts:

This is full of profanity, irony and shallow-ness.  Enjoy.

The Last Advertising Agency on Earth

The Internet completely changed the relationship between companies, customers (consumers) and agencies.  The short story is that it has put agencies at risk of becoming irrelevant.   I can remember saying in a meeting in my last year in the business:  “The traditional advertising box is becoming our coffin.”  Consumers have adapted to what the Internet has enabled much more easily and quickly than advertising agencies.  It’s an interesting time for the ad biz, actually I don’t think it’s even called that any more.  This video is a look back at once was.The Last Advertising Agency on Earth.

For those of you who have stayed relevant and are still providing value to your clients and their customers, bravo.

Me and Mike

Steele (L) bustin' a move for the GOP

Yesterday I got a letter from my old buddy Michael Steele.   Yeah, that Mike… the hipster running the Republican National Committee. (Run-RNC)  I love Mike.  I mean you gotta love a guy who wants to bring the street back to the elephants. (“I want to give the Republicans a hip-hop makeover. That’s how I roll.”)  I hadn’t heard from Mike in a long time. Like never.  But he personally reached out to me because he wants me to “stand with the Republican Party in the November election.”

Apparently he and the elephants need to “raise $3.2 million in the next 30 days.”  Mike told me in his wonderful and heartfelt letter that the strength of the Party “comes from people like you who believe in our values and ideals and promote them within their communities.” 

I was touched.  I mean it wasn’t too long ago that Mike was quoted in the press saying:  “Trust me, after taxes, a million dollars is not a lot of money.”  He’s right.  Now that the recession is over we can do way better than a million bucks.  It’s so little money, you can’t even call it bling.

Getting down with Mike is always special.  Ever since he became head of the Run-RNC he has made me proud to be an American.  Remember when he said, “I’m the gift that keeps on giving.”?  Well, now I can return the favor and help him out. 

Besides sending him money I get to join the GOP Identification Club by filling out the form below.  When I check the right box (and we all know which one) that means I pledge to vote with the Republicans in the mid-term elections.  How cool is that?  I get to be an official member of the Run-RNC club and hang with my bro Mike “Master Blaster” Steele. 

It seems that Mike and rest of the GOP gangstas are gonna get down in November and bring a serious hurt to the “radical leftist agenda” and make sure the elephant posse is right with the people. 

Mike made it clear that those donkeys have really  f***ed up our s**t.  In his personal letter to me (he ended it with “sincerely”) he said that the country has “shed 3.3 million jobs since Obama took office, unemployment has soared to 10 percent, and the security of our nation has been seriously called into question.”

That reminds me, I need to ask Master Blaster about the 11. 6 million who were unemployed before the Barack-ster got the gig.  I mean, I know that had to be because of the donkey bitches who figured out some way to f**k all of us over even thought they weren’t the majority… I just need to know how they did it.  We could learn from them.

Mike has really set me straight.  I used to think that I would only vote on issues and disregard the political party.  I always hated being labeled a D or an R.  I somehow thought that I should be represented by folks who were in touch and engaged with me and everybody else.  I laughed at people who wanted to be called a Democrat or a Republican.  I was proud to be an Independent.  (Probably something I picked up from that pesky Declaration of Independence.)

But now that Mike wrote to me personally, the game has changed.  He needs me and my money.  And I want to get straight with Mike.

Count On Me: Part 2

Sweet!  I just found out that I scored a 93 on my Census 2010 exam.  And I passed the background check.  The guy on the phone said “You got a very high score and you should be hearing from us soon.”

Get ready folks.  I could be coming to your house to find out stuff I could never ask otherwise.  Like, who are all those people coming in and out of your house at all times of the day and night?  Is that guy your husband or your cousin?  Just whose  kids are those? 

I gotta go.  I’m going to buy a new clipboard.

‘S Wonderful

Here is an inspiring story from yesterday’s Seattle Times.  It is Nicole Brodeur’s column on an innovative program at Olympic View Middle School in Mukilteo.  In short, the principal, Nancy Coogan along with other school educators realized that some of her students’ only regular meals were the ones they were getting at school. 

They created the “Packs for Kids” program in collaboration with Jansport and local civic and religious organizations.  Each Friday several packs are loaded up with nutritious foods and given to kids to take home for the weekend.  The kids’ parents had previously given permission and the kids receive the packs in total privacy.  They return them on Monday.

It is easy to criticize the public school system for its many problems.  Yet, here is an example of how one public school has gone above and beyond to help kids in need.  In the words of Nancy Coogan:  “If I am not seeing achievement [among Pack kids], I will develop a plan.  The state pays me to educate every kid, so I am going to do what I have to do.”  

And in the words of George Gershwin:

‘s wonderful, ‘s marvelous.  You should care for me.

‘s awful nice, ‘s paradise.  ‘s what I love to see.