Give Me Liberty

The surest sign that it’s income tax time is when the Liberty Tax Dancers (not to be confused with taxi dancers) start appearing on seemingly every corner. 

Typically they set up in a strip mall right between the teriyaki chicken place and the fake nails shop on a busy arterial.  Then they hire a kid to wear a tattered robe and a liberty crown (think Statue of Liberty) to stand beside the road and get your attention.  And he does this by dancing/gyrating and waving a huge foam pointing finger.   It’s called marketing, baby.

Before you roll your eyes consider this:  Liberty Tax Service is now the third-largest tax preparation company in the country.  I would love to see a profile of their typical customer.   Somehow I don’t see myself running home and getting the shoebox full of tax stuff and returning to the place that has the dancing Statue of Liberty out front.  But apparently millions of others do just that. 

It’s getting pretty crowded on our streets with sign wavers.  Between the condos, fast food, car washes and — yes, politicians — our streets have become another marketing channel.   It’s ironic that billboards have been pretty much legislated away as eyesores while these proliferate.  It’s a wonderful country.


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