Whale Tale

This is less about the fact that a killer whale killed a whale trainer than it is about the media coverage.  Let’s be clear, it was a tragedy for sure.

  Much of the media attention has been focused on the past “incidents” when apparently this killer whale killed a couple of other people.  Questions are being asked by the media like:  “Was this whale troubled?”  “Did the whale exhibit any unusual behavior that might have foreshadowed this unfortunate incident?”

The POV seems to be that the whale was at fault and somehow the notion of humans hugging, kissing, fondling, riding and feeding a killer whale in captivity is normal and the whale was evil. 

 The notion of whales being “trained” is ludicrous.  They have been conditioned to perform  to get food.  If they don’t do the performance they don’t get paid, in other words,  fed. 

I’m not an animal rights activist, but where is the surprise when a 12,000 pound killer whale kills somebody?  It is a wild animal. Despite the many wonderful hours it has spent jumping for tuna  from the  hands of these “trainers” it was never supposed to be kept in a tank of water performing circus acts.

Oh and the notion of a trainer?  Please.  People stand on the edge of a tank and throw fish in the air for the whales to catch.  What training is taking place? 

The media has interviewed every trainer and ex-trainer they could find.  They talked to PETA.  They talked to Bob (come on down!) Barker.  They talked to the star of the movie Whale Riders. They  talked to Crocodile Dundee.  (Not a whale guy, but what the hell.)

CNN had a panel discussion about this “issue”.  They devoted more time to this than health care and the Olympics combined.  There will certainly be a congressional inquiry.  

People, get a grip. I realize that there is a need to fill gzillions of hours of programming with content of some kind.  But this incident should be given the attention it deserves:  a Geraldo show.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Dave on February 28, 2010 at 4:07 am

    So true. Amen! I would love for 300-foot giants with astronomically high IQ’s to discover us and take lots of us to their world, lock us up and train us. We’d be scared sh#*less and would do whatever they asked of us in order for us to survive (food, shelter, warmth).


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