The Will of the People

Did you see this quote?:  “As we have an economic crisis or something difficult to deal with, we suspend the will of the people for a period of time in order to do our business here.”   That was from the esteemed state Senator from Hoquiam, Jim Hargrove.

But you know what?  He was actually quite honest and really speaking on behalf of Congressmen everywhere, especially those in Washington D.C.    Over the years I have seen Congress (and I mean both state and national) become increasingly out of touch with  citizens.  The term “inside the Beltway” is synonymous with “I don’t really care what those 300 million people out there think.  I only care about the 500 0r so folks here in Congress.  We really know what’s best and we’ll talk about it some more tonight at the bitchin’ party that the Blue Cross lobbyists are throwing.”

Here is a recent example of how Wrongress works.  Senator Richard (call him Dick) Shelby has put a “blanket hold” on over 80 presidential appointments because he wants two Federal contracts awarded to Alabama (Rammer Jammer, Yellow Hammer!).

So, in Dick’s mind it is more important to have an FBI lab moved to Alabama then to have people running Homeland Security and the Department of Defense among others.

At every level legislatures don’t really serve the will of the people.  Somehow these few mostly old white men think they know what’s best for we dolts known as citizens.

What a load of crap.  This is not the Wrongress I signed up for or read about in my civics classes.  And it seems to be getting worse each day.  In the weeks to come I plan on ranting some more. 

And by the way, we people are just as much to blame.  Very few elections get even 50% of the people.  And a recent poll conducted among people opposed to the current health care reform bill showed that 41% of them had no idea what was in the bill. 

The uninformed and arrogant making decisions on behalf of the uninformed and uninvolved.


2 responses to this post.

  1. The fact that some clown named Dick from Alabama can hold up presidential appointments for what are so obviously selfish, need-to-get-re elected reasons is nuts. Washington (that one) really needs to change. But will it?

    BTW – Nice to once again hear you rant.


  2. Seems unlikely given the increasingly polarized D’s and R’s. I’m fed up with the two party system. Lots of shouting, no real dialogue. All self-serving. And in several states you can only vote in primaries if you are a R or D. If you are an Independent, tough shit. It seeems to me that most people are D on some things and R on others. In other words, Independent. Of course there are tons of folks who just punch the R’s or D’s on cards because that’s their label.


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