Snuggies: America’s Shame

In January, ran a story about the Snuggie and that it has sold over 20 million units.  Wow!  That means that nearly ten percent of Americans are the proud owners of a Snuggie.  For those of you who have been living under a rock, a Snuggie is a blanket with sleeves.  And it’s open in the back like a hospital gown.  

Snuggie is not the only brand out there, but it’s the most popular.  The original was the Slanket and there is also the Freedom Blanket, Cuddle Blanket and the Nuddle Blanket to name a few.   Prices range from $10 to over $60 (the Nuddle also has a foot pocket.)  The Snuggie is the market leader by far, and sells for about $20. 

Tons of articles, videos and parodies have been written about these so I won’t go into that aspect of this phenomenon.  My question is:  What problem do sleeveless blankets solve?   From what I can tell this useless piece of fleece is the worst kind of enabler:  more comfortable while doing nothing.  It is the ultimate product for couch potatoes.  Are owners finding that comforters, sweats, pajamas, robes or actual clothes simply don’t do the job?  And why would you want something backless?  I can tell you that I have never liked those backless gowns at the doctor’s office.  I always want to walk backwards or sideways or put something on over it.  So, when you are wearing a blanket with sleeves what do you do about the back?

When you see the commercials nobody is ever moving while wearing a sleeveless blanket.  Well, actually they do show people eating snacks, talking on a cell phone, reading and using a tv remote.  But nobody is actually moving.  So, the Snuggie (and the others) are simply making it easier and apparently more comfortable to do absolutely nothing.  Problem solved.

This product has about as much usefulness as a Segway.  Yeah those incredibly overpriced, slow-moving scooters that seem to only be used by overweight security guards.  There was always something more effective, faster, healthier and cheaper than the Segway:  legs.

Oh, wait! Segways and blankets with sleeves.  Now those people getting bigger on couches have a way to move.


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