The DOL: A Huge Setback

It is Saturday afternoon and Tom and I are in our “waiting parking stall” to take the driving test.  Tom is nervous. I’m nervous for him.  There are few rites of passage as important as being able to drive.  It means independence, freedom and the start of becoming a more responsible person. 

The tester approaches.  She is a middle-aged Asian woman.  Hmm.  I have yet to see a good Asian driver of either sex.  My Asian friends have confirmed that they are genetically predisposed to not driving well.  They are often very disciplined people who are high achievers, yet can’t drive worth a damn.  Go figure.

She says:  “Learner permit.” Check.   “Registration.” Check.  “Poof Inshuance.” Check.  “Yo inshuance not ok.”  Huh?  We just got the new proof card in the mail and this is it. “No good.”  What?  Why?  “It say it start on 11th, today is 7th.”  But, we couldn’t get this card without insurance.  “You go inside, make new pointment.”  But my wife can bring the other POI right down and be here in ten minutes.  “Too late, you go.”  She walked away.

Tom is upset.  I’m upset.  We are covered by insurance.  But we can’t prove it.  Are you f***ing kidding me?  Tom is a good driver.  He has done driver’s ed.  He has driven everywhere, every time of day.  But we can’t prove that we have valid insurance.

We go inside and get to see a scheduling clerk right away.  I say:  “We were told our insurance is not valid.  We were issued this card yesterday and replaced the old one.  We can’t get this without being covered.”  The guy nods his head and says:  “But it could also mean this is your first insurance coverage and it starts in five days.  If you can’t prove it, how do we know you actually are covered?”

He schedules us for the 23rd, two weeks away.  For Tom it seems an eternity.  He is mad at me and can’t believe that we would screw up something so important to him.  I apologize repeatedly and text Barbara the bad news.

At home Barbara is so upset she decides to go back down to the DOL and get a driver’s test appointment sooner than the 23rd.

Soon I got a text from her at 2:30: “Scheduling clerk is gone. I have to wait for an agent.  I have a code and a number and have no idea how long it will be.”

Next text @ 2:49:  “I will probably be here a few hours.  I have an A code and they are only helping F’s.”

Next text @ 3:42:  “They were making great progress on A’s but now have stoppped calling them.”

Next text @ 3:59:  “There are A, E, F and R.  Maybe M’s too. Guy next to me is A and he just got called.  Maybe there is hope.”

Next text @ 4:06:  “Everett this Friday at 9:45am.”

From the time Tom and I first arrived at 1:30 until the final text from Barbara we spent a combined two and a half hours at the DOL that ultimately resulted in a new appointment.  And a very unhappy Tom.

Next:  Will Tom get his drivers license?


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