Happy Valentine’s Day

Barbara is in Sequim picking up her parents’ old Toyota for our boys to use.  While she’s gone I thought I’d step it up over past years and do a bit more than usual.  “Usual” is a card because Barbara long ago said “Valentine’s Day was created by the flower and candy industry so you don’t need to get me anything.  Besides, if the only time you get me something is Valentine’s Day, then you have much bigger problems.” How cool is that?

So, I got up early (before 11a) and vacuumed large parts of the house including places humans have never been. I even cleaned some grease spots (mine) from the hardwood floors that I put there last night while eating a tuna melt or two.  (Among my all-time favorite foods and one of the best meals I can make.)

After a short nap I took a shower and shaved and got out of my typical daily uniform:  sweats.  I’m wearing jeans (no, not skinny rocker jeans… the “relaxed fit” jeans with just a skosh more room) and the UW shirt Barbara gave me.  I tried to lose 20 pounds too, but ran out of time.

And yes, I got her a little something that I actually wrapped… including the ribbon.  Can’t say yet until after she opens it.  Happy Valentine’s Day to all.


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  1. Posted by Barbara Edmondson on February 27, 2010 at 7:43 pm

    I admit I didn’t notice any new vacuum marks anywhere when I got home. Did notice the grease stains. Isn’t that awful? Such a wife thing. But true.

    But I do want to share what Jan got me for Valentine’s Day! This could be a great idea for all you menfolk who need a thoughtful, original gift for your sweetie for a birthday or whatever.

    He got me “14 Award-Winning Indie Chick Flicks” from http://www.OfficialBestOfFest.com. Two disks, the first has 12 short films featuring girls and women; the second has two feature films I’ve never heard of: “The Republic of Love” and “Marion Bridge.”

    Any man would be wise to take a page from Jan’s romantic gift ideas. He gives VERY thoughtful gifts! (Ever since the infamous birthday years ago when he gave me juice pitchers and area rugs. He completely lost his mind that year. But it’s been great since then!)


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