You Can Count On Me

Just took the exam to become a census taker, or counter.  I’m actually not sure what they are called.  I decided I just couldn’t pass up the $17.50 per hour and pretty much work my own hours.   Hopefully, I will soon have permission to be incredibly nosy and see what’s going on in my village.

Of course, I don’t know the results yet but I’m sure I passed.  There were only 28 questions and I finished on time.  (There was a half hour time limit which I guess was imposed so we wouldn’t overthink the questions and it approximates the time limit we might have in a given house.) 

Here’s a sample question: 

Alphabetize the following names of people.  Last names (family names) are given last:

1) Linda Jameson

2) James Alberts

3) Allen Jameson

4) Alfred Johnson

5) Lydia Moreno

Here’s another one: 

Which set of numbers is NOT in numerical order from the smallest to the largest number?

A.  0095, 0101, 0011, 0111

B. 0063, 0120, 0200, 0210

C. 1096, 1099, 1118, 1181

D. 0106, 0160, 0601, 0610

There were also questions on reading and interpreting plot maps, and figuring out who were actual residents of homes.  (like the guy living there for six months who was supposed to leave five months ago)  It seemed pretty easy until I noticed that the two 18 year old guys at my table finished in half the time I did.  Interesting room demos:  5 males:  Me and four 18-20 year olds.  11 females:  all between 45-55.  What does that mean?

So assuming I pass the exam, then I have four days of training and in April they set me loose in the hood.  I’m actually looking forward to talking to those people down the street with the mobile taqueria that emits incredible smells and has tons of folks coming and going.  Stay tuned.


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