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Great American # 63: The Afterparty Candidate

Have you read about Steve Berke?  He’s the guy getting a lot of national attention as The Afterparty candidate for mayor of Miami Beach.  Just go to YouTube and type in his name to see his campaign platform.  If doing all that seems way beyond your skill or interest level, just take a look at this video from his campaign.  Ironically his opponent is a 75-year-old grandmother running on family values.

Mr. Berke’s values seem to reflect different families and different values than those of his opponent.  But, as always, I do try to bring you the best in political advertising.  Enjoy.

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Great American # 91: Ed Lee is 2 Legit To Quit

I love this commercial for Ed Lee, running for mayor of San Francisco.  Not only does it have a bunch of Silicon Valley big shots but it has some cool rappers like Will i Am and M.C. Hammer…well mostly cool.   Best of all is Brian Wilson, the bearded dude from the San Francisco Giants.  Watch him riff on famous Lee’s like Sara Lee, Bruce Lee and Tommy Lee.  Clearly Ed Lee belongs in this pantheon of great Lee’s.

Political advertising doesn’t get any better than this.

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Great American # 179: A Smokin’ Great Candidate

Just when you thought there might be no good Republican candidates, Herman Cain arrived.   With his 999 message and great sound bites like:  “If Obamacare had been fully implemented when I caught cancer, I’d be dead.”  Not to put too fine a point on it, but does one catch  cancer?

Anyway, I suspect many of you are torn between all the great Republican choices that seem to have their own TV show.  The debates are on every week and there is more action than the UFC fights, more comedy than the Comedy Channel and more drama than Lost.

Each week a different candidate rises to the top of the polls.  But now with this commercial by Herman Cain’s campaign manager I think The Hermanator will separate from the pack.  Nothing quite like a campaign manager endorsing his candidate.  And then ending the spot with a cigarette.  I guess he couldn’t wait until the 60 seconds were over.

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Almost Heaven

Goody Goody

Within the next ten days, Dick’s is coming to my neighborhood.  Oh My God.  No longer will I have to take the 20 mile drive into Seattle to get my Dick’s fix.   Now it will be a mere 5.4 miles away.  Yes, I have done a couple of test drives and Googled it.

It seems likely that I’m entering a dangerous time in my life.   Up until now, the distance prevented me from getting to Dick’s very often.  Probably only a dozen times a year.

But now.  It’s possible I will be going a dozen times a week.  Lord help me.

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Decision Time

We six candidates for the open Mukilteo School Board position sat quietly in the back row of a small room of maybe 15 people.   The board sat in front at a semi-circle board-type table facing us.  The Board President gaveled the meeting into session.

He made a few remarks about the difficulty of the decision and how pleased they were that so many had sought this position.  Two other board members also talked about the decision  and the quality of the candidates.

Then the President gaveled for the question:  All in favor of the appointment of (the guy sitting to my left) say aye.  And they did.  And that was it.  The gentleman next to me who  I had actually just chatted with while waiting for the meeting to start is the new District 5 board member.

As I learned of his credentials I realized they made an excellent choice.  He is younger than me, probably smarter than me and has been very active in a lot of non-profit stuff.  And he has a master’s degree in economics, which will be very much needed as the district looks to probably more cuts in an already reduced budget.

I was both disappointed and relieved.   I think I would have done a good job and my background would have been an asset, thus the disappointment.  I was sort of relieved because most of the board is turning over in November and who knows what the chemistry will become?

I’ve been impressed with the board, their process and how they made the decision.  Ultimately time will tell how the new guy does and how the new board does.   But it looks good for right now.

This district has long been among the top performing in the entire state.  It has a rich legacy of providing an excellent education across a wide variety of learning abilities.  Yet, there is hard work ahead and I wish them well.  The challenges will not be easy.  But history tells us they will be up to it.

So, while I’m disappointed I’m happy for John Gahagan, the new guy.  I shook his hand and said:  “Be careful what you wish for.”  I wish him and the board continued success and they should know I’m happy to pitch in wherever I can to help.

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